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After being in the industry for 10 years, gone to all the “top photographers” and have been through over 15 headshot sessions, I have concluded that Penny is the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles. Nobody even compares. First, she is a creative perfectionist in her work. She is not the "get you in, get you out" type. She takes her time. She does different background/lighting options for each look as well. I didn’t know how advantageous this was and I’ve known no other photographer to do this. She also offers a deal of unlimited looks for $350 which is beyond incredible. I did about what would be considered to be about 20 or more looks to a different photographer (I am not kidding) and what would have cost me thousands (Again, I am not kidding). She pays attention to detail the entire time and makes you feel very at ease. She is easy going, sweet, and genuine. She knows how to capture someone’s real essence, and its apparent in how the photos turned out. I have never been happier with photos in my life. And I have never had a headshot session I enjoyed more. She is the best. I mean it. Thank you so much Penny for the best headshot experience in Los Angeles. You are a gem of a woman and one hell of a photographer.

Rachel Lien

Address: 2813 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank,  CA  91505

Phone: (818) 300-2885


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