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Self Tapes

Doing self-taped auditions with Penny is effortless.  All you have to concern yourself with is knowing the material.  Penny does the rest.  She is relaxed and encouraging, and will make sure you get a read you’re happy with.  In our new environment, every actor needs Penny’s number.

Rene Pena

Penny's self taping service is excellent.  I've made use of it many times, and it not only runs like a well-oiled machine, but Penny and those who assist her are all extremely professional in all aspects of the process.  Not only that, but I've always been made to feel comfortable and relaxed and gotten good insight into whatever material I was doing, thanks to their keen eyes and generous insights.  I give this self taping service my highest recommendation.

Sarah Benoit

*I can't tell you enough how much I recommend self taping with Penny at TAG.  In most cases, at other studios, I have always felt rushed to get my self tapes done quickly with limited time.  Penny makes sure you feel 100% confident in your self tape before you leave her studio.  You get a wonderful (quiet) room with a professional camera, lighting and a reader.  Penny always makes you feel comfortable and takes the time to read through the scene and discuss it with you before you get right to self taping. Penny is also a working actor so I trust her in many of the acting choices that we make together.  The turnaround time to get the self tape edited and back to you happens very quickly.   I also recommend her for private coaching!   I can always count on TAG for their services.*

Cole Cook

I am a senior, who has no talent or patience with cameras and technology.  For years now, I have been doing self tapes with Penny Moore at TAG Studios in Burbank.

OMG the results are unbelievable.   Penny is so professional, and handles sending the project to casting so all I have to do is be camera ready.  Penny has been doing this for years, long before it was in fashion. Her tips and direction are pure gold. The atmosphere is stress free, and the price is more than fair. She even keeps track of all your tapes, so when casting needs a two minute dramatic speech, I just call her and she sends one out ASAP.  You can’t beat that.

John Moskal

Self-taping with Penny Moore is professional, affordable, and non-stressful. Because Penny is an actor herself, she knows how to give you what you need without being intrusive. She will have the actor repeat the performance, possibly with suggestions or two, until the actor and she are satisfied. Because I’m very low tech it is such a relief that Penny knows how to immediately edit your tape and send it off to the agent or casting director. She has the proper lighting, camera and setup so self-taping with Penny is much easier than doing it yourself at home. She knows how to make the actor relax with her gentle southern accent, so you feel able to give the scene your best shot.

Britt Lind

The Actors Group Industry Workshops

Penny's cold reading workshops at The Actors Group have been a mainstay for me for many years.  She brings in stellar professionals, who give wonderful insights into their particular areas of the business, which is extremely valuable.  The quality of the actors in the group is high, which makes for stimulating, worthwhile classes.  The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive, thanks to Penny's leadership and generosity of spirit.  It is a pleasure to recommend her and The Actors Group Cold Reading Workshop. 

Sarah Benoit

I love taking classes at TAG. I always learn something new. Every person that comes to TAG shares their insights about the business. It's a fun, and safe environment in which to explore the Cold Reading Scenes. Even on a day where I'm exhausted, I am always glad that I pushed through to go the TAG workshop. I am Never disappointed. I'm so happy to be a part of a Community of Actors

Dawn Grabowski

The atmosphere in The Actors Group workshops has the feeling of friends getting together to help and encourage each other regarding both their careers and life in general. You feel the warmth enfold you as soon as you walk in. There are coffee and snacks and conversation until the casting director is introduced, then a member of the group will read a disclaimer that makes it clear that we are there to learn and grow as actors by performing scenes. The casting director tells us something about herself or himself, there is a brief question and answer period and then we are handed out scenes appropriate for our type. We have about 15 minutes to work on them with another actor, then do the scenes for the casting director who might redirect if he or she would like to see another approach. Penny oversees it all with her usual casual, no nonsense approach, giving appreciation and consideration to everyone who attends the workshops.

Britt Lind

PLM Photography


After being in the industry for 10 years, gone to all the “top photographers” and have been through over 15 headshot sessions, I have concluded that Penny is the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles. Nobody even compares. First, she is a creative perfectionist in her work. She is not the "get you in, get you out" type. She takes her time. She does different background/lighting options for each look as well. I didn’t know how advantageous this was and I’ve known no other photographer to do this. She also offers a deal of unlimited looks for $350 which is beyond incredible. I did about what would be considered to be about 20 or more looks to a different photographer (I am not kidding) and what would have cost me thousands (Again, I am not kidding). She pays attention to detail the entire time and makes you feel very at ease. She is easy going, sweet, and genuine. She knows how to capture someone’s real essence, and its apparent in how the photos turned out. I have never been happier with photos in my life. And I have never had a headshot session I enjoyed more. She is the best. I mean it. Thank you so much Penny for the best headshot experience in Los Angeles. You are a gem of a woman and one hell of a photographer.

Rachel Lien

Social Media Optimization

Career Consultation

If you want to up your professional game, then you have definitely come to the right person!  Penny has been working in acting for over 30 years and has the eye and the spot on advice for how to take your online profiles to the next level. There are so many voices out there, and navigating this industry can be confusing and expensive for the newcomer as well as the veteran actor.  Penny knows her stuff.  She keeps current about the business and will save every actor, time, money, and stress.  She is savvy about how to highlight and most effectively showcase your brand and your talent.  She transforms “that looks good” to “Wow!  I’m really proud of my resume and my body of work!” 

Rene Pena

Address: 2813 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank,  CA  91505

Phone: (818) 300-2885


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